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Welcome to Life.alanv.org. This site consists of the Photo Journal and Photo Stats.

The photo journal posts one photo from each day that I took photographs, along with a small summary of what I remember from that day. It is meant to act as a sort of record of my life, partially for nostalgia, partially for sharing the multitude of photos that I've accumilated over the years. For this reason, the site is password protected. You can obtain the password either by emailing me or by reading this friends-locked post.
I like playing with stats of the photos I take. Rather than continuing to post stats to my journal, I figured I would post them here instead. It also gives me the ability to post photos from each time interval to see how a person has changed throughout the years.
The daily photo project was a project to take a photo every day of something I wouldn't normally photograph... mostly to get me out of the apartment every day. It consists of two separate time periods, one while I was in San Francisco, and one while I was in Pittsburgh.